Thursday, 2 September 2010


We’ve made it to the University of Ghana in Accra. After a 24-hour journey, involving a 6-hour flight to Lagos, a 12-hour night stopover in Lagos Airport waiting for our morning fight to Accra, and a 1-hour flight into Ghana, we were picked up at the airport by friends at the University, and now we’re getting some well-deserved rest and planning our next steps.

Ghana has welcomed us - a couple of us have visited before and are admiring how much the country has developed in the last few years. The rest of us are struck by how beautiful the country is and how friendly her people are. Symeon in particular has been moved by his symbolic homecoming - though it took him 400 years to return to the motherland.

We hope to have the use of one of the University’s football pitches for practicing over the next few days - we have a lot of fitness and team bonding work to do before our first match. But we’re confident - already we’ve been through a lot, and it’s made us stronger, and we’re looking forward to the next challenge.

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  1. This piece was a liefjckaet that saved me from drowning.