Friday, 6 May 2011

Damascus University Forced to Withdraw, but American University in Cairo Confirms Entry

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing political situation in Syria, the University of Damascus have had to withdraw from participating in Football Beyond Borders: London 2011.

This years' events in Syria - and indeed across North Africa and the Middle East - have highlighted the incredibly important role students and young people can assume in the political life of a state, as well as the growing global impetus from students and young people to empower themselves and others within and across global societies.

This is why we believe that there is no better time for students, future leaders, and young people from across the globe to come together and - through the global language of football and under the banner of social enterprise - engage in dialogue, debate and cultural exchange.

Happily though, the American University in Cairo have confirmed that they will be coming to London this July to participate in Football Beyond Borders: London 2011.

The AUC is an independent, non-profit, apolitical and sectarian university with a great history and a diverse student body. As well as this, in September 2011 a Football Beyond Borders team will travel to Egypt, Palestine and Jordan and whilst in Egypt the AUC have graciously agreed to host the squad on campus.

With all the focus and attention the Egyptian uprising has been given this year, it will be a unique opportunity for everyone involved with Football Beyond Borders to engage in dialogue and debate with students who have been at the heart of such an important and historic movement.

However, our thoughts are now with the students of Syria, and with all the students and young people across the Middle East, Africa and the world who are struggling to change society for the better.

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